Ashura – The annual Muslim celebration soaked in blood and celebration of Jihadi

This is just one of many ways these Islamic barbarians love to wade knee deep in blood of any kind. Satan must be really rolling on the floor laughing at these fools who worship him, thinking they are going to be “rewarded” when they die. Sick, sick, sick!!

We must pray for each and every Muslim out there, in that they truly repent and turn away from Satan worship. ( Islam )


Study by 32 scientists shows there’s consciousness after death

Somewhere around ten years ago, I had what I can only call a “near death experience” myself.
I know it was real, because no matter how hard one tries to remember dreams, they are usually impossible to remember. I remember this as clearly today as I did the night it happened. It was the most exciting and remarkable thing to ever happen to me and believe me, I’ve done a lot of things in the Army ( Vietnam ) and in civilian life over all these years.
I was in bed asleep. Suddenly, I “felt” myself take my last breath and let it out. Next thing, my consciousness was in a perfect state of solid black. I felt something and my consciousness looked “up”. As soon as I looked up I saw the brightest, most pure white light I’ve ever seen. As soon as I “saw” the light, the feelings that entered my entire being, were absolutely the best thing I’ve ever felt! I was feeling love, happiness, joy … however you wish to describe it. The feelings of love and joy were so intense it was just indescribable. I started to rise up toward the light and the feelings of love/joy/happiness grew STRONGER!!!
The experience was so exquisite that it’s just impossible to convey to you, what I was feeling and why I knew instantly that I was feeling God’s PURE LOVE!!!
The feelings became so intense that suddenly, I felt and heard myself gasp and suck in a breath of air! I SAT STRAIGHT UP IN BED, EYES WIDE OPEN. And the feelings of love? They were still WITH ME!
Well, I walked around with a silly grin on my face for a minimum of two weeks afterwards. I haven’t told a lot of people about this, because … well … who likes to defend themselves against people calling you a liar or saying “aww, you were just feeling the last synaps of brain function before death” or just calling BS.

Well folks, I know what I experienced. Do I believe in God? YES! If there ever was any doubt in my mind before, there is NONE now.

News anchor delivers Ebola message everyone needs to hear

I trust Shepard Smith. I’m hoping he’s getting his info from a VERY RELIABLE source. But, people get sick and even crippled by the Flu shot, and it’s not an epidemic even though flu will cross the nation. Time will be the judge on this one, for sure.

Fox News’ Shepard Smith took a few minutes to give the facts on Ebola Wednesday.

But he gave more than that, which you can see in his message above.

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