U.S. repeatedly loses in Pentagon war games against Russia

Christian Americans… would you join Russian Christians in a fight against our own country, just to be rid of the slime we currently have in office??

This article raises some serious questions and possible scenarios, that we ALL should take a serious look at & decide for ourselves what we may or man not do, in a time of war.
Putin is “pulling a lot of countries’ chains” with Russia’s current actions and show of force. And to top it all off, our own government seems to be ignoring threats from China, by weakening our armed forces at a totally unacceptable rate.
What say you? Me? Well, I should spend some more time thinking about this and preparing for the possibility of war from outside, coming to a state near you, rather than worry about insurrection within the country.

We sure live in “entertaining” times, eh?

Consortium of Defense Analysts

On Sept. 29, 2015, an op/ed by reporter Benny Avni in the New York Post proclaimed Vladimir Putin’s Russia as “the world’s new sole superpower.” Avni wrote:

The baton was officially transferred Monday to the world’s new sole superpower — and Vladimir Putin willingly picked it up.

Putin’s deployment of forces in Syria and arming of Assad create facts on the ground. They have also propelled him to the top by taking initiative on today’s most consequential world fight….That’s how Putin seized leadership from America….

And it’s bad for America. Because sooner or later, after more bloodshed and under even worse conditions than now, our next president will be called upon to retake the leadership baton from Putin. And that could prove tricky.

Avni’s proclamation isn’t that far-fetched given the fact that the Pentagon’s own war games show that the U.S. would lose in a Baltic war against Russia.


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