Jerusalem in Photos from 1862: No mosques, no Palestinians – only ghost towns of massacred Christian areas

Ah yes… here’s photos of the area where the “supposed” Palestinians supposedly have lived for “thousands of years”, by their lying claims. In one picture I see one building that may be a temple, but there aren’t mosques all over the place, like there would be if the stinking muslim freaks/Palestinians had been there as long as they claim.

Palestine-Israel Conflict

A new photographic exhibition in London follows the journey taken by England’s Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) in 1862, as he undertook a four month tour around the Middle East.

In the exhibition we find more photographs from Jerusalem in 1862, when the so called “palestinians” allegedly were already 1 million in population on land they profess to have lost to “Jewish occupation” a few decades later. The only problem with this argument is that, as with all photographs up to the second decade of 1900’s, there are rarely any Muslims or mosques to be found on any photographs. There are more remains of the massacres and destruction Muslims caused from invasions on Christians, than any living signs of Muslims themselves. In comparison, other towns with a living Muslim population documented in photographs during the mid and late 1800’s always feature a lot of mosques.



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