Ashura – The annual Muslim celebration soaked in blood and celebration of Jihadi

This is just one of many ways these Islamic barbarians love to wade knee deep in blood of any kind. Satan must be really rolling on the floor laughing at these fools who worship him, thinking they are going to be “rewarded” when they die. Sick, sick, sick!!

We must pray for each and every Muslim out there, in that they truly repent and turn away from Satan worship. ( Islam )

The Muslim Issue

Even their celebrations are hideously ugly and always glorify aggression, attacks, jihad and murders. It never goes out of the system of these sick people. Here prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam Hussein and his death during Jihad with martyrdom is celebrated. All martyrs are honored on this  day of Ashura and solidarity is shown by frenzied Muslims running around with cuttings, flagellations and tapping of blood.

Can you call people like this human beings? An estimated 9 million Muslims now live in the US; 50 million live through Europe. This is what has been imported. In Paris during Eid halal slaughter of sheep and lambs are now taking place on the open streets. How can any normal society allow a people like this residency and passports? A one-way ticket back home is all they should qualify for.



The moment a small boy has a gash cut into his head…

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